7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help heal issues around drama, stress, lack, and issues of support.
When Your Move to a Higher Vibration Release Negative Karma
This Cup is a protocol about a concept that I talked about in my practitioner coaching circle this week.  As you
$3.00 USD
Tend To Your Own Path
This Cup is to help you tend to your own path. When you energetically tend to your own path you embody
$3.00 USD
Practicing the Basics
Come back to the basics with this Cup - no matter how evolved you are. Use this Cup to practice the
$3.00 USD
Sit in Your Power - Clean and Strengthen the Base Chakra
Use this deep, potent Cup to sit in your power. The more you retrieve and embrace your power the more supported
$3.00 USD
Unplug from Discordant Dimensions - Mass Consciousness and Link Into Harmonic Dimensions
Unplug from discordant grids and mass consciousness with this Cup. Take time to connect with harmonic grids and a consciousness that
$3.00 USD
Relaxation in Divine Line
Use this Cup to get SUPER relaxed, centered, and grounded. A perfect Cup to use during the holidays or during any
$3.00 USD
Peace, Clarity, and Calm Within
This is a lovely simple Cup to help you move into greater peace, clarity, and calm. When you move into a
$3.00 USD
Release Your Parents' Pain and Challenges
Release any parental bundles and challenges with this Cup.  This Cup is perfect to use during the holidays which can often
$1.50 USD
Reset Your Intentions For this Incarnation
Do a re-do with this Cup. Shift your stance of how you hold yourself in this incarnation. Reset your intention as
$3.00 USD
Hold Your Awareness in Harmonic Realms
This is a powerful Cup to help clear dark dreams. Use this Cup to hold your awareness in harmonic dimensions. This protocol
$3.00 USD
Empowered Conscious Empathic Dreaming
Use this Cup to help you use your dreamtime to hold a more empowered stance as you dream and work
$3.00 USD
Clean and Repair Your Energy Fields and Hold Stronger Boundaries
Get clean, clear, and strong with this Cup. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for
$3.00 USD
Get Connection Between the Breaths
Breathe... When you slow down and take a deep breath you then ground and center. Use this supportive Cup to find the place
$3.00 USD
Increase Support and Protection
This double shot is all about protection, boundaries, and shields. Recalibrate your shields of protection. This first Cup is all about father
$3.00 USD