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7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

EMF Protocol

I have been asked by several people about recording a meditation for EMFs protection (protection with electrical devices.) Use this energetic protocol to protect yourself against the constant exposure to the EMFs in your life. For good suggestions for EMFs exposure, click here.


  • Energetically locate all electrical vibrations and devices that you are exposed to on a regular basis.
  • Create an energetic force-field, blanket, buffer, filter grid of light around you that can protect you from imbalanced electrical and magnetic fields.
  • Invite your body to balance the electrical and magnetic fields within all cells, organs, meridians, and glands.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic energy that flows in your divine line, and between your divine line and your body's divine line.
  • Invite your Team to balance their electrical and magnetic fields.
  • Hold a balanced electrical and magnetic field within yourself.
  • Increase your magnetic fields / roots with tones.
  • Inhale and pull energy in from above. As you exhale send energy down into your roots.



Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Wish I had thought of getting this EMF protocol ages ago!!! everyone needs it ... Maybe we can have an updated one too :)
August 26th 2016
.much needed protection no matter where one lives. thank you.
November 13th 2013
One never knows when a aha! moment comes. One of mine came with this meditation. Whenever I feel "buzzy" it's because my electrical is on overwhelm and I can stop and just breathe into the heart of earth for more grounding and magnetics. Duh! It's not that I didn't know this. But this Cup just made it more immediate and accessible. Wow that's what all those electrical grids are doing to us! I just became more vigilant. Another huge thank you!
November 13th 2013
Awesome... thanks so much Aleya!
November 13th 2013