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Energetic Protection and Integrity

Use this Cup to increase energetic protection and integrity. When you are attached and responsible for your own energy you move into greater protection, empowerment, and integrity. If some part of you gets attached to someone else's reality you move out of integrity and open yourself up to energetic attack. Be only attached to your own behavior and reality and model that in the world. This energetic concept and stance is a tool box nugget.

  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body deva, and Team to locate all your energy and focus that is being held on others.
  • Lift your attachment and desire off of everyone and everything and to be only attached to the vibration you hold in your divine line.
  • Return all responsibility that you are holding for another person's reality. Send that responsibility back to its right and perfect place along with all appropriate information.
  • Lift all your gifts off of others.
  • Clean your gifts. Hold and use your gifts on yourself.
  • Tones to assist these energetic shifts.
  • Hold your energetic gifts as a cloak of protection.
  • Be attached and responsible for the energy that flows in your own divine line. Use your gifts on yourself and model that in the world.
May you be divinely protected as you hold greater degrees of integrity.


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I will save for future listening! What a WOW effect! Feeling much muchier now!
Lovely! This is very effective! Thank you!
Lovely! This is very effective! Thank you!

Recorded 07/06/2015