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Gratitude Protection

Use this Cup to increase protection with the vibration of gratitude. Pop into a higher vibrational energetic terrain. Gently unveil patterns that are ready to come to the surface and transform into behaviors of greater alignment and coherence.

  • Invite your Higher Self to activate the vibration and sacred shape of gratitude.
  • Use the vibration of gratitude to move you into divine flow and safety in all realms where you express yourself.
  • When we are in a state of gratitude we amplify the vibration of protection, divine timing, and flow.
  • Tones to activate the vibration of gratitude in your divine line.


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User Comments

Wow! Congratulations Aleya! Sounds True is a great 'label' and like Cassie said, they are blessed to have you!
I adore Angelic Healing! I have had some very 'interesting'/profound things happen while listening! :-) !!!
With much love and gratitude....Kim
Congratulations, Aleya! Sounds True is perfect for you, and they are blessed to have you! You have served others long and well and you deserve all good blessings of success.

Recorded 05/23/2013