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Drop Deep Within for the Big Release

Use this Cup to prepare for a big inner shift. It is lovely. Drop deep within and find a powerful stillness to help you alter your path in a beautiful, powerful, and amazing way. When I recorded this one I went into a very altered state, thus it has a bit of a punch to it, in a gentle way. When we are anchored deep in our core the release and transformation is healing and graceful.

  • Invite the angelic realm to hold a protection of love for you as you drop deep within.
  • Bring all of your awareness deep into your divine line.
  • Find the current of connection, peace, and calm.

Enjoy the shift.

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Aleya's Rating:

User Comments

This is a good cup....and the TALL Cup this week was wonderful. I feel peaceful in the midst of chaos, as others around me seem to be churned up emotionally from the new Mercury Retrograde energies. Thank you Aleya!!!

Recorded 11/07/2012