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Release Your Ancestor and Parent Issues

Let go of the issues that do not belong to you. Use this collection of Cups to let go of the ancestral patterns that may still be lingering in your fields. Release your parents' and your ancestors' issues. Whether it is back pain, an addiction, issues of lack, or an inability to focus or commit, the issues you are experiencing may actually belong to your parents or ancestors.

  • Think of an issue or behavior that you have that your parents or your ancestors have or had.
  • Energetically locate all of your ancestors' patterns, issues, behaviors, and patterns and to send them back to their right and perfect place.
  • Release all energetic responsibilities for transforming your ancestors' karma or their issues.
  • Hold a healing space for your ancestors as they heal.
Hold greater compassion and neutrality with family by releasing the ancestral issues that are not yours.


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Very helpful!
Wow! I uncovered a big piece with this one! Thanks!

Recorded 11/17/2011