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7 minute audio meditations to help you release unhealthy patterns and behaviors. Re-pattern yourself with healthy vibrations. Repair and heal.

Release the Trauma Loop of Stress

Release the trauma loop of stress. If we have held stress in any area of our life for longer than a week or two we can get into what I call a trauma loop from that "stressful" energy. Use this meditation to snap-pop-release any grip stress may have on you.

  • Energetically locate all areas where you have stress in your life.
  • Invite your Higher Self to infuse vibrations of trust, relaxation, and flow into all of the areas of your life where you hold stress.
  • Bring in a healing hologram that has the capacity to release the stress from all aspects of your life.

Wishing you calm and clarity.



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Immediate relief... Grateful for having you on my side in such channeling times!
May 30th 2016