Trauma, Healing Past Hurts, Victim Vibration

7 minute audio meditations to help you heal from trauma and release the patterns of responding like a victim.
When Your Move to a Higher Vibration Release Negative Karma
This Cup is a protocol about a concept that I talked about in my practitioner coaching circle this week.  As you
$3.00 USD
Follow the Butterflies - Joy, Change, Stress, Vibrant
Embrace change, joy, freedom, and flow with this Cup by following the butterflies.When you explore the different... follow the light...
$3.00 USD
Reflect, Release, Reinvent How You Are During Mercury Retrograde
Use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to reflect, release, and reinvent a different way of being in a particular area
$1.50 USD
Make a Small Profound Vibrational Shift
Make a simple yet profound vibrational shift inside yourself that ripples into all areas of your life with this Cup. This
$3.00 USD
Clean and Repair Your Energy Fields and Hold Stronger Boundaries
Get clean, clear, and strong with this Cup. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for
$3.00 USD
Repair and Respect Your Boundaries
Use this double-shot to Cup to shift how you hold you, your body, and teams hold boundaries and move into
$3.00 USD
Use the Present to Heal the Past and Shift the Future
This powerful double shot can help you move into a more balanced, connected state by using the present moment to
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Release the Limitations and Restriction off Your Roots
Use this Cup to release any restrictions off of your roots and grids. The last day of a lunar is a
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Clear Discordant Ancestral Energy Off Your Roots
This Cup helps release discordant ancestral energy off your roots. Your energetic roots also known as your magnetics are your energetic
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Increase Personal Responsibility, Boundaries, and Empowerment
This Cup is from the early days - 2010 - and is perfect to help increase personal responsibility, boundaries, and
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Release Fear of Loss - Heal the Past During Mercury Retrograde
We are still in Mercury Retrograde. It ends this Sunday. Use today's Cup to heal past trauma when you experienced loss; it can
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Release the Stress of the World
Thank you all so much for all your birthday wishes yesterday. I turned 51 and we spent the day at June
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