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Insights on the Energetic Weather - Quickening and Seven Cups of Consciousness

This Cup is a bit different with simple practices that you can do to help incorporate the Seven Cups of Consciousness into your life as well as insights regarding the the quickening that began April 2017. Have you read my book, Seven Cups of Consciousness yet? It will help you get a lot more from both the daily Cups and TALL Cups.


On April 26th the Quickening began. As we move deeper into this clear stream of light you will find greater clarity. Anything you have been pondering and wondering about will become clear. Unhealthy and dysfunctional ways of being will quickly fall away. 

This quickening will also help you manifest your desires by amplifying very particular vibrations that you really value in your divine line. If you're wanting a life that is more fulfilling, you can activate the vibration of fulfillment in your Divine line. If you want a life that has more love, connection, or joy you would activate these vibrations in your divine line, same for your body, and Team.




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yes aleia ive purchased your book months ago verry verry good. love to you stanley.
loved todays cup!
Yes! Super clear now πŸ˜€
Karen C
Wow!!! How amazing was that! 7 Cups of Consciousness in a nutshell!!! I loved it. πŸ’œπŸ™.
Wonderful. Thank you!
Wonderful, excellent guidance & Really important. (weekly toolbox) Thank you!
I really really love this format ! It would be wonderful to have some sort of energetic update once a week ( like this ) . I love the meditations of course but I think an energetic update really helps keeping this process fresh and in the moment πŸŒˆπŸ’—πŸ˜˜

Recorded 05/12/2017