Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

You have come to this world to learn, grow, and serve.

Gather your tools so you have the ability to serve in a greater way. Hold gratitude for this amazing planet that we live with. Move into an abundant state and radiate your gifts.

  • Locate all your gifts tools, wisdom, and mastery, and to bring those back to you. When you hold your gifts you increase your ability to model that energy in the world.
  • Clean, clear, recalibrate, and turn your gifts on you.
  • Bring in an energetic template that supports you in serving from a co-creative place.
  • Travel through a tunnel of light into the heart of Earth.
  • Sit across from the essence of Earth.
  • As you sit across from Earth energetically relay the information you have for Earth.
  • Energetically hold your wisdom and mastery within and around you in this chamber of light and love in the heart of Earth.
  • Allow for the energetic exchange between you and Earth / Gaia.
  • Open to receive gratitude from Earth through your magnetics.

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