Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.

Sound Medicine Whale Song and Flutes

More music, less words. 

Slip into a sweet stillness with this song from my Sound Medicine Album. 

A gentle background track.

The physical CD is Now available for purchase.

Listen to this track very quietly in the background as you answer email or move in the day. You can put it on a loop and play it to a space while you are present or gone, it has the capacity to increase and clean the vibration of a space and all that is in that space.

Move slowly as you move in the day. Align to a slower deeper current of timing and flow.


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

From Jen - just wanted to let you know that I LOVED! this. Whenever I listen to whales it reminds me that I can ground as light. Love that!

I listened to it once as I was walking around my home busy packing - going to Hawaii right after retreat!
After it was done, I played it again and after about 15 seconds I wanted to see what you wrote about what this was for because I wanted to set an intention as I listened to it. As I read, "Move slowly as you move in the day. Align to a slower deeper current of timing and flow", I paused and a microsecond after I agreed to do this the right half of my brain stuttered three times. Like three black, linear line clicks and I shifted. The difference is like walking on land and then walking into water and now doing everything underwater in a cool scuba way. It is slower, more fluid/graceful - more supported (like you are doing everything in a "low impact way") - more present - completely different world. But, the "atmospheric" pressure difference is causing my ears to pop a bit. Pressure in ears - again, just like when you are under water! Very Cool. - Jen
November 6th 2013
Emily DeVargas
Beautiful, thank you! Blessings, love & light
November 5th 2013
Thank you!! Aleya
November 5th 2013
I love this! Thank you!
November 5th 2013