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Download, listen, or watch the videos of the DEEP Energetic Dive Intensives with Aleya.

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Mini Deep Dive in Ohio - October 2017

Mini Deep Dive in Ohio on October 28th 2017

3+ hours of audio files.

This Deep Dive covers the following...

Lots of Layers and Great Tools.

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Deep Dive 2016
2016 DEEP Dive Loaded with powerful protocols. Increase Support and Empowerment

Deep Dive 2015
2015 DEEP Dive A powerful, gem packed DEEP Dive.

Support, Empowerment, Body, & Team DEEP Dive 2014

Gather tools and protocols to help you... 


  • Move into greater empowerment.
  • Connect with your body.
  • Help you body heal.
  • Connect with your Team.
  • Help your Team hold a higher more empowered vibration.
4 plus hours of audio and video files from Aleya's 2014 Deep Dive intensive in the redwoods of Santa Cruz.


Team, Body, Earth Deep Dive November 2013

Download 3 days of audio and video files from Aleya's 2013 November DEEP Dive.

Almost 9 hours of audio and 3 hours of video.

  • Tools for helping and connecting with your Team. 
  • Healing and helping the body access a higher consciousness.
  • Move into a more connected state with your essence.
  • Release the limiting behaviors.
  • Earth Grid Work
  • Release Ancestral Patterns off the body


Guides, Team, Body, Tones DEEP Dive -April 2013

Download a 3 1/2 hour video (also available as an audio session)

  • Tools for release the co-dependence
  • Increase empowerment and clarity
  • Help your body access a more evolved consciousness
  • Connect and help your Team support you in a co-creative way

This Deep Dive was full of tools to help you look at your life in a more empowered and co-creative way.

We addressed the energies of Guides, Teams, Body Deva, and a pinch on how to tone to clear energy and bring in higher vibrations.

A major tool box session.


Heal Body and Manifest DEEP Dive - January 2013

Increase physical health and manifest your intentions.

A 3hr and 20 min. video and audio intensive walking you through the steps of manifesting and how to work with the consciousness of your body.


Powerful tools to release pain, increase health and manifest your intentions.

Identify the four top needs of the body.

Connect to the consciousness of your Body Deva.

Gather the tools to create an internal reality that in turn creates your desires in your outer world.

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DEEP Dive May 2017
Packed with extraordinary, powerful energetic activations, advanced perspectives, & pearls of wisdom.

Download DEEP Energetic Dives

Download DEEP Energetic Dives
Download DEEP Energetic Dives