Family, Parents, Ancestors

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help release ancestral blocks and issues that are not yours.
Return bundles of challenges to those on the other side or those who are about to go over to the other side
This Cup is an energetic protocol to help you return bundles that your ancestors or those on the other side
$3.00 USD
Sit in Your Power - Clean and Strengthen the Base Chakra
Use this deep, potent Cup to sit in your power. The more you retrieve and embrace your power the more supported
$3.00 USD
Receive Information From A Love One On the Other Side
Use the thin veils this week to connect with a loved one who is in another dimension. When the veils are
$3.00 USD
Release Your Parents' Pain and Challenges
Release any parental bundles and challenges with this Cup.  This Cup is perfect to use during the holidays which can often
$1.50 USD
Increase Self-love and Self-worth
This Cup is all about love.  The more love you hold for your inner light the more gentle life will be,
$1.50 USD