Protection, Security, Safety

7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.
Soul Rider Pull Yourself Into Your Divine Line Front of Spine
Pull all of your energy and awareness into your divine line with this Cup. You are a Soul (being of light)
$3.00 USD
Third Eye, Base Chakra, Protected Stance
Use this Cup to protect your third eye, get centered, grounded, and calm...Hold your awareness in harmonic realms and, stay
$3.00 USD
Retrieve Your Power By Valuing Your Light
Use this Cup to retrieve your power by validating and loving the light that flows within. When you look for validation
$3.00 USD
Amplify Safety Inside
Use this potent Cup to amplify the safety within.  The more safety you hold inside the calmer you will be in
$1.50 USD
Hold Your Awareness in Harmonic Realms
This is a powerful Cup to help clear dark dreams. Use this Cup to hold your awareness in harmonic dimensions. This protocol
$3.00 USD
Use the Sounds of the Whales and Dolphines to Clean A Space and Objects
Use this double-shot and the etheric sounds of the whales and dolphins to cleanse all of the objects and spaces
$3.00 USD
Control, Fulfillment, Connection Protocol
Use this deep, rich Cup to increase control, freedom, and fulfillment internally. Control the light that flows within you. This protocol,
$3.00 USD
Clean and Repair Your Energy Fields and Hold Stronger Boundaries
Get clean, clear, and strong with this Cup. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for
$3.00 USD
Solstice - Amplify Your Inner Light and Mastery
Happy Summer Solstice! (In the Northern Hemisphere) Happy Winter Solstice! (In the Southern Hemisphere) The solstice is a powerful energetic day. It
$3.00 USD
Repair and Respect Your Boundaries
Use this double-shot to Cup to shift how you hold you, your body, and teams hold boundaries and move into
$3.00 USD
Weave New Vibrational Roots
Weave a new energetic root structure with this double-shot. If you have been feeling spacey, swirly, anxious, or ungrounded that is
$3.00 USD
Increase Support and Protection
This double shot is all about protection, boundaries, and shields. Recalibrate your shields of protection. This first Cup is all about father
$3.00 USD
Increase Personal Responsibility, Boundaries, and Empowerment
This Cup is from the early days - 2010 - and is perfect to help increase personal responsibility, boundaries, and
$3.00 USD