Timely Meditations, Mercury Retrograde

7 minute audio meditations to help you balance in certain energetic shifts and planetary cycles. Meditations for Mercury Retrograde.

Move into Divine Timing
This Cup brings you into divine timing within all aspects of your being. The protocols within the meditation are as
Align Yourself for Mercury Retrograde
Move into the timing of Mercury Retrograde. Slow down so you can catch a new wave of time. Use this meditation to
New Moon Intentions
Dream a fresh new dream that holds the vibration of your Soul's passion. Energetically locate the vibration of your Soul's passion. Energetically
Use the Energetic Compression to Access the Intended Vibration
Do you feel squeeeeezed? As if you are in the middle of an energetic compression? Use this meditation to connect with
End of the Tunnel
Move into a "new energetic neighborhood".   Whenever we are about to leave an old energy and move into a new
Find Support and Safety In New Terrain
Find support and safety in a new terrain. Use this Cup to get your bearings in a new energetic terrain. Whenever
Align Your Behavior with your New Moon Intentions
Happy New Moon! Write down, day dream, and/or ponder your New Moon Intentions. We are in a time of acceleration when
Major Completion In All Realms
Dive in and allow for release. Motivate and get all tasks done. Complete all relationships in the higher realms that
New Moon Abundant Grids, Intentions, and Unplug From the Fear in Mass Consciousness
Use this cup to access and plug into the higher vibrational abundant grids. Unplug from the fear and lack in
Allow for the Energetic Flip
When we are in an "energetic flip" and the normal way of navigating is being challenged, we may have to
New Moon - Allow Higher Self to Ponder Intentions
Let your Higher Self and Guides determine the best intention for you in a new lunar cycle. Allow yourself to
Move Into And Embrace The Energy of Solstice
Use this cup to embrace the energy of Solstice.  A day before, the day of, and the day after Solstice is a
Happy New Year 2014 and New Moon
Happy New Year 2014 and Happy New Moon! Celebrate the New Year and share this cup for free with the ones
Get Ready For The Full Moon of Transformation
Use this cup to embrace the energy of the filling Moon, and to release and reweave. Feel the power of
Grand Cardinal Cross Alignment
Embrace the Grand Cardinal Cross! As I tuned into the energy of this astrological alignment I felt a very powerful activation
Full Moon, Friday the 13th, and Mercury Retrograde
Talk about a power packed Cup! When I tuned into the energy for this meditation I felt a beautiful expansion
Recalibrate your Grids as We Move Into Mercury Retrograde
Use this cup to recalibrate your grids and intentions. It is a perfect time to complete detail-oriented tasks, slow down,
Gratitude and a Conscious Completion of 2014
Hold gratitude in your heart. Move into completion and get ready for a new cycle to begin. When we hold
Complete an Old Cycle and Get Ready to Begin a New Cycle
Complete an old cycle and get ready to begin a new cycle. Use this cup to help you in this
New Cycle - Moon, Sun, and Equinox
Use this meditation to get unstuck. Hold greater empowerment, joy, abundance, connection, and love as you enter into this new
New Moon Inner Light Divine Spark Activation
Use the energy to activate the divine light within you. Your inner light will guide you through this new lunar
Amplify Inner Light with Solstice
Use the energy of this cup to amplify your inner light. Locate clarity, strength, and support in your divine line.
Happy New Year 2016!
Use this Cup to align and embrace the energy of 2016. Embrace the energy of 2016. 2016 numerologically is a 9. A
Release with Mercury Retrograde and the Energy of 2016
Use the energy of Mercury Retrograde to release. Use this Cup with rain in the background to do a conscious